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A Successful Online Business Strategy – Part 1

This is part one in my series in launching a successful eBusiness Strategy using a real world case study. Find the back story here.

Part 1 – Understanding the business

Before you can start to even think about any sort of web strategy you must understand the business. You must understand the business industry and the target market of the business.

If you are an individual within the business you should already have a good grasp of the business. Even if you are already within the business you need to think about how well you know your customer?

If you are a consultant/web designer outside the business, you will need to get inside the business. You need to talk and form good relationships with the employee’s and their customers.

How does your customer think?
Who are the target markets/customers?
Who is your most profitable type of customer?
What are you strengths?
What does a potential customer type into Google when they are looking for your business?
What information do they need and what information will convert them to make an initial contact?
What is the capacity for distribution?
What is the cost and mark up of products?
What is the average sales size?
What is the product turnover?
What are your competitors doing?
What the is current product/company Branding?

Note that this doesn’t have to be perfect from the launch because you can and will change your strategies along the way. Yes it’s important to think about it and do your research, but it’s just as important to get out there and give it a go.

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